An alternative to dentures or dental implants, a dental bridge is used just the way the name implies – it “bridges” a gap in your smile where one or more teeth are missing.

Emergency Dental Care USA can create your dental bridge to hold artificial teeth in place where needed, so that you can maintain a smile that looks good and functions normally. Sometimes this bridge is attached at either side to crowns (or uses a similar connection), but it may also be attached using dental implants.

In the short term, a dental bridge can give you back the function of your teeth, and help prevent chewing or bite problems, pain in the tooth or jaw, or embarrassment about the way your smile looks. Long term, a dental bridge provides even more benefits to the look and health of your mouth by keeping the rest of your teeth from shifting into the gap where a tooth is missing. Shifting teeth can affect your bite and smile aesthetic, and a bridge can help prevent this sort of change over time.

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