Cavity Fillings

Dental cavity fillings are something most of us are familiar with – and something many of us have in our mouths already.

They’re an easy, go-to solution for repairing tooth decay (the number one cause of toothaches). When caught early, tooth decay has a relatively quick and easy fix, involving the removal of existing pockets of decay and filling of the cavity with tooth-colored dental resin or metal amalgam materials.

Because fillings are so common, it’s easy to overlook how important they are in helping to prevent pain as well as bigger dental issues. Left untreated, a cavity can lead to infection or even loss of the tooth. Staying on top of dental maintenance by receiving needed dental cavity fillings from Emergency Dental Care USA can help you save money and avoid more expensive procedures down the road. If you have cavities, we can remove the decay and fill those cavities comfortably so that your tooth looks and feels as good as new.

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