Dental crowns are used when we need to restore a tooth, protect it, or just improve its look.

A crown is a sort of cap that is placed over a damaged, unattractive or missing tooth in order to restore the look, fit and function of that tooth back to normal. The crown itself is typically made of a very strong ceramic or porcelain material, and is created to match the color of your surrounding teeth so that it appears natural.

Here at Emergency Dental Care USA we are your local dental crown experts. If it’s determined that a crown is the right solution, we first prepare your tooth by making it into a strong platform upon which we can place the new crown. We also determine exactly the size and shape of crown that’s needed. Usually, once this is done, we will affix a temporary crown in place while your permanent crown is being fabricated. On your next visit, we put your new permanent crown in place. Within just a couple of visits, your tooth can be returned to its normal function and beauty.

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