Exam & X-rays

Injury or disease of the mouth can manifest in many different ways…but we don’t always notice them!

There may be visible signs that there’s a problem with your teeth and gums, such as swelling or a broken tooth. Pain in your mouth may also be present, from mild to very bad. But sometimes, it takes a dentist to find dental issues that could potentially become big problems in the future. An exam and x-rays may be the solution for you.

The only way to identify the cause of any dental issues you may have, and determine how Emergency Dental Care USA can help you is to get an exam and x-rays. An important point to remember is that tooth pain may sometimes temporarily go away. Until the cause has been identified and fixed by a dentist the pain will almost always return. If left untreated, these problems can quickly lead to additional complications resulting in more expensive treatment down the road, or even the loss of your tooth (or multiple teeth).

Though we specialize in providing emergency dentistry, walk-in dentistry, and urgent care dentistry, we also understand that in addition to good oral hygiene, preventive dentistry is very important to dental health and wellness. That’s why we recommend regular dental exams at Emergency Dental Care USA (at least twice a year) and x-rays whenever it’s determined you need them. Making sure you get a dental exam every six months is one of the best ways to avoid future dental issues.

Our fees

Limited Exam – $95

A limited exam looks at a limited portion of your mouth. We use limited exams when the problem is isolated to one location or problem point.

Comprehensive Exam – $150

Comprehensive exams look at the entire mouth. Instead of taking x-rays of just a problematic area, we take a series of full-mouth x-rays. Comprehensive dental exams can identify current problems, and spot other dental problems before they become more expensive, painful, and problematic.

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