Treatment Planning

Treatment planning gives us both a map and a to-do list when it comes to giving you the healthiest, most beautiful smile possible.

Because pain can’t wait, Emergency Dental Care USA is proud to be your urgent care dentist. Although we focus on providing same-day dentistry for emergency and non-emergency patients, there’s another very important element to what we provide: treatment planning.

How does treatment planning work?

First, we sit for a consultation with you and go over any concerns you may have about your smile or dental health. This includes giving you a dental exam and, if necessary, taking x-rays of your mouth. Once we have a clear picture of your current dental health (as well as your dental treatment history, if that is available), we will discuss all of your treatment options and map out a plan customized to fit your needs, timeframe and finances.

If you have oral pain or discomfort, we will likely address that first. The rest of our dental to-do list will be ordered and accomplished according to your preferences and needs, and you can begin scheduling out your treatment appointments.

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