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At Emergency Dental Care USA in Denton, TX, we do everything we can to repair or save a tooth – up to and including performing a root canal or placing a crown. However, as a last resort, sometimes the best course of action is to extract, or pull, the tooth. Call us if you are experiencing pain and we can get a professional to diagnose the problem and get you back to your routine as soon as possible. Same-Day appointments are available with 24-hour access to book appointments online too. 

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If a tooth extraction is needed, Emergency Dental Care USA can expertly remove your tooth and keep you comfortable during the whole process with local anesthetic and attentive care.

Sometimes, if a tooth or teeth need to be removed but aren’t easily accessed by the dentist, surgical extraction is necessary. As we do with regular extractions, we’ll make sure to keep you comfortable during the procedure and send you home with clear after-care instructions.

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Financing Options

We know the cost associated with tooth extractions is stressful, but we’re here to help. We offer financing options to ease your financial burden while we help ease your pain. Want to find out more about your options for financing? Feel free to call us with questions or click the button below to learn more about CedCompare, Sunbit, and Carecredit.

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Tooth Extraction in Bonita Springs, FL
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