Toothaches and Tooth Pain in Orlando, Florida

Nearly everyone experiences a toothache at some point. They can be crippling, and left untreated, can lead to very serious infections.

When you have a toothache or pain around your teeth/gums/jaw, it may be the result of a variety of oral problems. These include dental cavities, cracked or chipped teeth, exposed tooth roots, gum disease, a dental abscess or infection, and several other conditions. Some of these are more urgent and serious than others, but all can cause pain and discomfort. Whether you have a dull, aching tooth pain that lingers, or a sharper, more urgent pain, a toothache merits attention.

Emergency Dental Care USA in Orlando, FL is your urgent care dentist. We’re here every day when you have a toothache and need assistance. If your tooth pain feels like an emergency – it is our emergency! Call us right away to get back your smile ASAP.